Sofa or armchair commodity recovering rectifier

ref: 1EK823750


  • 9 99€

Overview & Details

If your sofa or armchair has become deformed over time, don't spend a fortune changing it. With the help of these rectifiers placed under the cushions you can continue enjoying the comfort of the first day. With plates that fit together, you will be able to join as many pieces as necessary, adapting them to the size of your sofa. Each rectifier contains 6 pieces, each 10 cm wide. Made of plastic material. Each piece measures: 48 x 10,2 x 1,1 cm.

1 unit adaptable to a 1-seat armchair

2 units required for a 2-seat sofa

3 units required for a 3-seat sofa

  • Your sofas and armchairs always well placed
  • System of interlocking plates
  • 1 rectifier = 6 pieces fitted, 10 cm wide

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