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Discover the lingerie accessories collection, where you can find all kinds of accessories for your bras: straps for bras, protective shoulder pads, silicon fillers, bra lengtheners... All the best deals and discounts in our Venca online shop.

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At Venca’s accessories section you’ll find products that can save you in more than one occasion and for this reason it’s always useful to have them in your wardrobe. Some of them are cups, bra extenders, garters, strap holders, transparent straps, and shoulder rubbing protectors.

Multi-use cups

Cups are esencial. They’re used both for filling the bra or bikini and for avoiding the breasts to be seen through the clothes. There’re very thin cups and others with a lot of padding for increasing the bra’s effect. We also have adhesive cups that can be individual or joined to each other so they enhance the push up effect. There are oval or triangle shape cups. There are nipple covers that only cover the nipple area, so it can’t be seen through the clothes, and they’re smaller, ideal for low necklines.

Cups have been used for a long time because they add effect to the bra and they are so comfortable that you almost don’t feel them, so if you have never tried them, don’t hesitate to do it, they can save you in many occasions and will help to create a better look.

Sexy accessories

You can find garters with elastic lace that will suit you wonderfully when you want to feel seductive. They have adjustable straps and are closed by clasps. Combine them with tights and create a fantastic set.

Very convenient bra’s complements

You can get a lot of bra accessories. Bra extenders are a must because they help you when you want to enlarge your bra, making it wider and comfortable; they have 3 closure positions and adjust perfectly.

There are also available strap holders that hide bra’s straps into the middle of the back, so they aren’t seen, creating a beautiful visual effect. Straps are X-shaped and you can put them in the regular position whenever you want.

Transparent straps are an option as well if you don’t want to show the straps, it’s a subtle option without renouncing wearing straps.

For the back you can get multiposition straps that are compatible with all bras, so you can wear clothes that leave the back uncovered. If straps are not enough, at Venca you can find decorative laces to cover the bra, pretending the laces, with a bow in the middle, are part of the dress, nobody will know that the bra is underneath and you’ll look cute.

There are shoulder protectors that fit together with the straps to avoid rubbings. They’re soft and let you stay comfortable because they relieve the pressure in the shoulders. They also prevent straps from slipping and keep them in their position. You can also find non-rub bands for the bottom part of the bra, the one that hugs the body. You can put them between the bra and the skin so this zone is prevented from being irritated because of wires or cups.