Knickers and culottes

It's time to update your lingerie! Visit our online lingerie collection and take a look at our lace knickers, short style knickers and culottes, cotton knickers and slimming knickers. Find all the models and styles available at the best price.

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Lingerie is a very important part of women’s fashion because when a woman feels beautiful and elegant inside and this is perceived outside, their outfits show off more, even a dress with a neckline in which lingerie is shown discretely is very sexy. Find out at Venca the most worn in feminine lingerie, knickers, culottes, bras, bodies and much more. You can also buy reductive, shaping and silhouette defining lingerie and chest enhancing or minimizing, as you prefer.

Culottes for your everyday

Venca’s culottes’ selection is wide and essential in women’s underwear. We have all types: sexy knickers, large knickers, mini knickers, culottes, reducing knickers. Get in our knickers and culottes store and you’ll find all the lingerie you need. You have it for all sizes and styles. Culottes are wider knickers, very comfortable and practical specially to practise sport, but they are everyday more and more used in women’s life.

Culottes are generally wider than regular knickers. They have a small part of fabric in the inner thigh that hugs to the body and looks like shorts. For this reason, they are the favourite of the sport lovers, because it is a kind of underwear that doesn’t move out of place. They are thicker in the hip so the fabric doesn’t bother you, it’s like the fabric of a comfortable tracksuit. There are women who opt for wearing them in their day-to-day for their comfort, so don’t use it only to train, try it in its casual version.

Knickers for everybody

No matter your size, here you’ll find large or tight knickers, according to your taste and needs. In any case, you’ll feel sexy and feminine with all the underwear sets we suggest you. You will dress on trend inside and outside, and the best part is that you will combine lingerie clothes with any other outfit, because at the end, lingerie is for every day. Try culottes, they will not let you down, or get your usual knickers with a renewed and unique style.

Knickers have always been with us and there are plenty of them. They are at the midpoint between comfort and sexy, between culottes and thongs. There are many different types. They also have details like several elastic bands in the sides, adjustable bands and lingerie shorts.

You can also try Brazilian style knickers, they fit very well because they mark the gluteus and combined with lace they are beautiful.

You can find girdle knickers with flat stomach effect to wear a tight dress or because you like the high waist effect.

Look for the knickers sets we offer you and pay attention to our special offers to get your knickers or culottes at a good price. There are no excuses to feel beautiful inside!