Navy style for women

Prints in knit neoprene, solids... Choose sailor stripes and wear the trend that fits you the best!

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The navy trend is really popular. Stripes are very flattering and navy blue is a very elegant colour. The combination of these two makes the navy trend unforgettable. It has become an essential of the fashion world. That’s why we’ve got this selection of Venca navy pieces, because we know that you love them.

This trend is also known for its golden buttons and because it’s worn by many fashion icons. Even though its essence comes from the sailors that years ago chose to wear a buttoned navy blue jacket. The trend has survived for decades and it has become a classic.


That’s the first thing that comes to mind and we love it. The classic navy piece is one where the stripes are a combination of white and blue, but red and blue or red and white are also pretty popular. There are so many combinations! Did you know that it was the crew who wore stripes? Wear your cutest casual outfits while you honour history. Pick between stripes of different widths and different styles. Do you feel like dressing subtle or daring to try on something else?

The trend appears in every kind of garment: footwear, swimwear, jackets, jerseys, maxi dresses, T-shirts, trousers and scarves. Choose the piece that you like the most to wear it, because we have them all at our website!

Colour block

There’s also the version without stripes, which you’ll recognise because of its combination. Only in the navy trend you find navy blue with red combined so well. There’s also a colour block version, the perfect alternative to the previous two. Use accessories to add special touches to your navy outfits.

It’s easier to jump on the navy trend applying just the colours, since white, blue and red are really easy to find and combine. If you choose that option, bet on golden accessories, since they fit well stripes and remind everyone of the trend. You’ll look fabulous honouring the trend.

This style nowadays is been combined with lace details, marine embroidery and patterns like ropes and anchors, openings, transparencies and fabric combinations, even though cotton is the most used. Find what looks the best on you!

If you want to add just navy details to your outfit, use a wide-brimmed sun hat or a hand purse. And if you want to bring the navy trend one step further, dare to wear our pieces of navy combinations, like the floral navy. You’ll look amazing!