Sports bras

If you're going to practise sports, choose the most comfortable bra for the kind of exercise you're going to do. They come with front closure, without underwire, reducing, crossed straps and intense support. You'll find them in all styles! Find yours!

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Fitness is in fashion! What's more, it's turned into a true philosophy of life. Running, yoga or any physical activity that's good for keeping fit have become very popular among modern-day women. And in this health and fitness race, sports bras are very helpful.

It's very important to use the right sports bra for each physical activity. As a result, a new term has been coined in the fashion world that is arriving with a bang: sports lingerie. Bras, bodysuits, knickers and culottes... Well-known brands have designed specific lines of sports lingerie within their seasonal collections.

venca.com offers you a wide variety of sports bras that you can buy online, at your own convenience and from the comfort of your home. Don't miss the New of sports tops in our online catalogue. Comfortable, modern and cheap. The sports bras in our collection have been specifically designed to adapt to physical exercise, providing maximum support, greater freedom of movement and, most importantly, they are made in moisture wicking fabrics that withstand multiple washes.

If you wear the right kind of sports bra, it will not only help you do physical activity more comfortably and efficiently, it will also protect your bust from sudden movements that could affect your chest muscles. In conclusion, choosing a good sports bra is not only a matter of fashion, it also concerns your health. For this reason, it's important to bear in mind the size, like you do when you buy a normal bra, the fabric and to especially remember to renew old sports bras that no longer provide sufficient support or have worn out. When it's time to renew your sports bras don't think twice, browse our online sports lingerie catalogue.