Reducing bras

Would you like a smaller bust? Try a reducing bra you won't regret it. They support your breast while also making them more discrete; they come without underwire, in lace, reinforced. Dare to show off your cleavage without any worries with this shapewear, your sensual yet functional underpinnings!

Minimiser bras for women with large busts are perfect for reducing the volume by one cup size, or more. Despite the fact that more and more women want to wear bras that lift and increase the appearance of their bust, there are also many women who want to do exactly the opposite. They prefer a minimiser bra that allows them to wear their clothes while downplaying their curves.

Browse our website and buy your minimiser bras online. You'll find an extensive range and a wide variety of styles, all with large firm cups for better support and wider straps for increased comfort. You'll also find minimiser bra from well-known brands, such as Triumph, one of the most popular. Although some styles of minimiser bras are classic, others have modern designs and shapes. However, they are always made with top-quality materials as the internal reinforcement is very important to ensure perfect support.

Classic minimiser bras have underwires to improve support, though recent shapewear lingerie collections include wire-free minimiser bras that are proving to be very popular among women who want to feel comfortable and don't like the stiffness of underwires.

Plus-size minimiser bras have been specially designed for women who need a C, D, E or F cup size. However, designs are getting more and more attractive and daring, because size has nothing to do with sensuality. You can find the best minimiser bra for your size without having to forget all about lace and the other essential details of the sexiest feminine lingerie.