Formal clothing for women

Conquer the office! Everything you need to be a perfect working woman: blazers, blouses, shirts, tailored trousers, pencil skirts, men's style loafers, high-heel shoes... Without forgetting more casual styles for dress-down Fridays, when jeans and trainers are allowed!

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Venca is specialized in clothing for women of every style. In our collection of clothing for women you’ll find urban trends for every season, with clothing for today’s women: active, dynamic and feminine. Urban style is comfortable and cosmopolitan. It’s a style that urban women already have and they only need a touch of fashion to shine with it. Urban style reflects all the necessities and characteristics of everyday life in the city. You’ll find from fashion for the active professional women, like trousers, dress and shirts, to more casual pieces. That’s why jeans and original T-shirts are also part of the urban collection. Accessories are also very important for the urban women. Maxi handbags are very practical to wear everything you need during the day, and smaller handbags are perfect for dinner or party dates with friends. In only one click, you’ll find the most urban pieces along with footwear and other accessories.

Urban fashion that define tendencies

The city is where the trends are born. Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Rome, London and New York. Fashion capitals that amplify what women wear in them. The streets are the perfect source to get to know the designs that will become must haves. At venca.com, your online fashion store for women, we want to show you the latest urban trends for women like you. At the best prices and in every size up to 4XL, so every women can get the most elegant and distinguished pieces.

Working girl, the quintessential urban look

The working girl style, women’s look when they go to the office, is one of the most typical urban fashion looks. Office or the everyday life in the city require an elegant yet comfortable look. A look with which you can feel beautiful to go to work in and to go shopping with your friends.

One of the pieces chosen the most often is the pencil skirt. A stylish skirt that flatters the silhouette. This year we see them often with shirts tucked into. In winter it’s easy to match them with shoes or high boots. And they’re also very elegant in denim!

High-waisted long formal trousers are also a very good option. Just like the pencil skirts, this style of trousers flatters every body shape. In black is a timeless basic ideal for many occasions: from a formal meeting to an elegant date in the theater. Combined with a shirt it offers a very classy look. If you’re searching for one, here you’ll find every style plain and printed. From the classic shirt cut to fresher takes with V necks, Mao necks or asymmetrical, with lace, embroidery, flounces... We also love the prints, like the trendy stripes, plaid or Jacquard style.

Urban accessories and complements

Starting with the footwear, court shoes and oxford shoes are also top selections. They’re perfect with skirts and trousers. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, don’t fear matching your formal trousers with trainers. We’ve got really elegant options so you can do it! One of the secrets of the urban style is that it doesn’t go without the comfort needed for your day to day life. You’ll be able to wear it doing everything you need for your work days. The clothes are the ones adapting to your needs. At venca.com you have all the options you need.

Let’s talk about handbags: with a maxi bags you’ll be able to carry with you everything you need for work and it’s perfect to go shopping too. You’ve got available all the styles and colours that you need. You’ll find yours for sure. If you’re looking for something smaller, a handbag is a good bet. Always cute and comfortable.

Urban must have pieces

The blazer is one of the essential pieces in the urban and working girl style. It’s a timeless jacket that you’ll be able to wear on your everyday life and in special occasions. It can be elegant with formal skirts or trousers and heels or casual chic with skinny jeans and sport footwear. We’ve got options in every colour, even printed. Another version is the one lined with a print that is visible with turned over sleeves; it’s a very stylish detail!

The raincoat is another must have of urban style. Ideal for the whole year. We have many designs, lengths and colours available. Find here the perfect trench or raincoat for you. Remember that we have the best prices and a really wide variety of fashion ideas for you. Discover all trends in every size up to size 4XL with Venca.