Women's flounce dresses

Flounced dresses are a must. They are sassy, comfortable and very feminine. Don't miss the different prints and the latest trends in flounced dresses, prints or bright colours, pastel, white or black. Find yours at venca.com

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Dresses are one of the essential pieces in all women's wardrobes. If you want to be a success at parties, celebrations or any other kind of important event, get your perfect dress.

Ruffle dresses are always sexy and feminine and are a good option if you have a party coming up. Frills and ruffles are making a strong comeback this season because they are items that provide volume, movement and are very eye-catching.

If you are rather flat-chested, then dresses with frills around the neckline are ideal as they make your bust look bigger. It can either be an off-shoulder dress with a large frill or with several smaller frills. Whatever design you choose, you won't make a mistake because they're one of this season's must-haves.

Another style very much very much in fashion are dresses with a ruffle skirt, whether they are long or short. They are ideal if you have narrow hips because they tend to widen the area, adding volume and shape. They are good for concealing saddlebags or wide hips, because the frill hides your curves.

This season start wearing evening ruffle dresses in bright colours: blue, red or timeless black. Enter venca.es and browse our online catalogue, where you will discover all the proposals we have for you. Take them home with just one click.