Leggings and skinny trousers for women

This season, don't go without your leggings or skinny trousers. Wear them with a long t-shirt and dare to wear one of the most fashionable looks now. If you prefer to dress more elegantly, choose one of our dressy black skinny trousers with high heels. Find yours at venca.com

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Your wardrobe will not be complete and perfect this season if it doesn’t have a large variety of leggings and skinny jeans. Skirts and dresses are very feminine, but all variations of women’s trousers have become popular and a key piece of clothing in the feminine wardrobe. Don’t miss our trousers, essential in women’s clothes.

Comfortable and elegant leggings

You cannot miss the wide variety of leggings you will find in Venca. There are colourful leggings, jeans, leather or hide effect and an endless number of models in different textures and fabrics. In venca.es you will also find large size leggings, designed to suit perfectly up to 5XL size. These trousers are very adaptable, because you can wear them with a skirt or a dress, or with a tunic or a jumper. Furthermore, do not miss the summer leggings collection that you will find in our catalogue, leggings made of more fresh and breathable fabric. Buy your favourite leggings online in Venca… It’s so easy!

They have endless possibilities. If you want a casual look, choose leggings with an ethnic print and combine with a white T-shirt, the result will not dissapoint! You can also opt for polka dot leggings and get a Pin-Up appearance which, combined with red lips is very eye-catching. We cannot forget that Capri style leggings are fantastic if in the summer you don’t want to be a little fresher, chose them in cotton for a total comfort. In addition, some leggings have details in the hem that give them a special touch so that you can stand out in every occasion. In Venca we often make outfits of T-shirt and Capri style or long leggings, keep your eyes peeled, you don’t want to miss a great outfit!

In winter everyone wants to wear animal prints, faux suede or velvet leggings. The cold is no excuse! With long pullovers ankle boots, your casual look will be the coolest!

Skinny and special pants

The most sought after trousers for women are the ever flattering black skinny pants. It’s classic, timeless and very easy to match. Ideal for day to day or night life, depending on what you combine it with. New trends appear every every season, but skinny toursers will never not be the favourite. If you want to give a modern and youthful touch to your style, colourful or printed skinny pants are also a really good option, especially in spring and summer, just like white skinny pants, a basic. White skinny pants will make any outfit a little bit more elegant, for an informal walk or a date. With a blouse, top, shirt or pullover, it’s always going to look great!

Basic or special skinny pants

Of women’s trousers, the most sought after trousers and the ones will surely suit you the best are black skinny pants. They are classic, timeless and very easy to combine.

Besides the classic white and black trousers, in Venca you’ll find many special skinny pants: with pearls, lace, embroidered, or with rhinestones. Denim is also a great option, because it adapts to your body. Give them a turn over at the hem, it’ll look amazing. Search for the details that you like the most: trimmed faux leather pockets, with an elastic waistband, ripped… You can try all of the trends!

Leggings and pants go really well with all kinsd of shoes! Trainers, high heels, moccasins, flats, boots… The possibilities are endless because they adapt to the leg and make any shoe look cute. Show off your favourite shoes!

Besides, what’s more comfortable than pants? They adjust to the leg giving you total comfort. You’ll be effortlessly cool with a blouse, shirt or t-shirt.

If you want affordable and flattering or skinny trousers, you only have to enter in our online shop and find the one you love. We’ll have it for sure!