Skirts for women

New 2018 skirt collection by Venca. You'll find the latest trends in: short skirts, miniskirts, long skirts, denim skirts, tube skirts, skirts with flounces and leather skirts. Discover the colours and prints being worn this season!

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Is there anything more feminine and sexy than a woman in a skirt? Along with dresses, skirts are one of the pieces that most highlight your femininity, both short skirts and long skirts. Today, wearing a skirt is a total statement of principles, because it is a sign of self-confidence and self-assurance.

In the Venca catalogue, skirts have always been star pieces. Denim skirts, for example, are super popular this season. Especially denim skirts, tube skirts and denim skirts that button up the front. However, long denim skirts are beginning to come back instyle in this winter's collections, so if you want to be truly trendy, get one now.

For parties and special occasions, choose short full skirts, skirts with flounces or skirts with lace details to give you a more sensual and festive touch. In terms of colour, in these cases the most popular one is black, but skirts in gold, silver or metallic tones are also a great choice for special occasions.

This winter, long skirts are spotlighted in both tube and looser versions. They started to become popular this summer and have remained prominent on the fashion scene. In the past, long skirts were synonymous with parties, celebrations and very elegant outfits. But this winter, you might see a look with a black or grey skirt worn with trainers.

In short, if you want to buy skirts online at great prices, don't miss Venca's collection of skirts because we have a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours.