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Curtains are an essential part of your living room and bedrooms. Just by changing the curtains you can bring the fresh look and elegance you want for each of your rooms. Print or solid curtains, floaty or opaque. At venca.com we've got the best ideas.

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If you feel like giving your bedroom and living room a decoration makeover, we have the perfect solution: change the curtains or blinds. You'll immediately notice the change! It won't cost you very much at all and you'll see how this simple decorative element can give your home a breath of fresh air.

Apart from keeping the sunlight out during the day and giving you privacy, curtains and blinds help create atmospheres and achieve different optical effects and moods inside rooms. For example, blinds and short curtains are useful with low ceilings and narrow walls. In the same way, for high ceilings you can choose very elegant, long curtains, particularly soft linen and sheer fabrics.

The colour you choose for the decor in your living room and your home in general will also help you create atmospheres and make rooms larger or smaller. For example, if your home is very dark, always choose light-coloured curtains that let the maximum amount of light through. Make sure they are not too thick. The same thing happens with small rooms; light colours are usually the best option. Our home collection also includes the latest trends in colours, fabrics and prints for this season. Because trends change and are renewed both at home and in your wardrobe.

If you can't decide whether to use curtains or blinds, think of the advantages of each one. Curtains are a good option due to the wide variety to choose from: from classic, sophisticated styles to ultra-modern and eye-catching designs. Blinds usually give a more urban touch and although they are often seen in offices, homes all around the world have surrendered to the convenience and practical features of this decorative element. In addition, the models today are simple to fit and use, as well as being easy to clean. Take a look at our online catalogue of home products and take your pick from among the different models of curtains and blinds. You'll find lots of offers that will enable you to surprise your friends and family, and revamp the decor of your home.